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Axel Springer Award 2023
Axel Springer Award
Event Branding
Satya Nadella / Microsoft

The Axel Springer Award 2023 was not just an event – it was a grand spectacle. It was a celebration of Satya Nadella’s inspiring journey, a tribute to Microsoft’s transformative influence, and a true testament to the power of design and innovation.

Liquefy brought diversity to the event, creating animations and graphic assets. Our invitations and mailings were equally captivating, generating excitement for Satya Nadella’s celebration. Every piece reflected the event’s excellence.

/ The Axel Springer Award 2023

Liquefy was part in making the event truly exceptional, bringing Nadella’s journey and Microsoft’s transformative impact to life with stunning animations and intricate print graphics. Every element, from invitations to mailings, reflected the excellence of the occasion.

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