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At Liquefy, we specialize in creating stunning visual identities that leave a lasting impression. Our latest project for BILD Newspaper on the Online Marketing Rockstars event was no exception.

Liquefy was tasked with creating a new campaign design that would elevate BILD’s presence at the OMR event. Our approach was to create a cohesive visual identity that would work across multiple platforms – from print designs to campaign elements and online banners.

Our designs feature the bold color and typography of BILD, and engaging graphics that are sure to catch the eye of attendees. We created a cohesive set of campaign design elements, including animations, 3D renderings, and other visual assets, that tie the entire campaign together and give it a consistent look and feel.

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We’re proud of the end result, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you on your next design project!

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